• About the lab

    My lab studies 'human' aspects of sustainable mobility systems with a focus on transformative sharing and on-demand systems. We develop data-collection tools and develop innovative models to understand the lifestyles, values and attitudes of citizens and communities that participate in these new techno-social systems. My research typically combines methods including discrete choice and other behavioral modeling, statistical analysis, factor analysis and other unsupervised learning methodologies, qualitative data collection such as focus groups, as well as large scale surveys and network data. The lab is engaged both in developing methods to collect data and in specifying mathematical models of behavior that can account for factors that are not dealt with in economic choice models (such as social determinants, environmental concern, user experiences/engagement, simplified decision rules).

    Amanda Stathopoulos is an associate professor with tenure, and the William Patterson Junior Professor at Northwestern's McCormick school of Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. She is a faculty affiliate of the Transportation center and Spatial Intelligence Learning Center. After finishing her Ph.D., in Transport Economics at the University of Trieste in 2012, she worked as a post-doc in the Transport and Mobility Laboratory at EPFL. In 2014 she joined Northwestern Civil and Environmental engineering department where she started the Mobility and Behavior Lab. For further information, visit my Northwestern page or download my full academic CV.

  • Contact Information

    Dep. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern
    2145 Sheridan Road, Tech #A335, Evanston, IL 60208-3109