• News of the group


    March 2019

    Amanda Stathopoulos was awarded the NSF CAREER. My CAREER research is at the intersection of engineering and social science and focuses on improving transportation options by integrating models that combine individual and community behaviors and perspectives. She aims to transform future mobility decision making, ensuring that technologies and services, such as public transit, active mobility, sharing, crowd-sourcing, and autonomous services, deliver public value and make cities more prosperous and liveable

    Jason Soria receives Eisenhower fellowship award

    December 2018

    Jason is awarded the 2018 DOT Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship for research on the impact on ride-sourcing.

    'A route to greener travel' Article featured in APS

    Aug 2018

    An article by Alec Biehl was featured in the Association for Psychological Science's

    The paper published in the Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour and investigates travel behavior change processes regarding the adoption of active modes.



    Finite earth award

    Aug 2018

    Amanda Stathopoulos, Wei Chen and Maher Said were awarded an intramural research grant as part of the Finite Earth initiative for the project "Shaping energy futures: understanding adoption of clean technology using novel data sources "

    International Association of Travel Behavior Research Workshop on Automation

    July 2018

    Amanda Stathopoulos and Yoram Shiftan organized the IATBR workshop on Automation and Self-Driving in Santa Barbara in July. The workshop focused on using structured interactive idea-generation to build innovative research needs statements for an automated vehicle future. A link to the reports is available at http://www.iatbr2018.org/workshop-reports.html

    Paper Award

    January 2018

    Award for Best Research on Innovation paper by TRB Urban Freight Transportation Committee for joint work with Alireza Ermagun and Ali Shamshiripour on "Performance Analysis of Crowd-shipping in Urban and Suburban Areas"

    Award for curriculum development

    December 2016

    Amanda Stathopoulos was awarded the Alumnae award for curriculum development at Northwestern. Her course "Engineering Possibilities: Decision Science in the Age of Smart Technologies" will focus on connecting undergraduate students’ understanding of civil engineering with knowledge of current societal challenges. They will learn to identify problems in urban environments and customize engineering solutions for individual communities and cultures.